Women and Men in Transition

Here are some inspiring transition success stories from Jo’s coaching:

Jo Romano transitioned from a high level-paying job in the Judiciary to a Substance Abuse Prevention human service position to find her life and work balance. Quite simply she was a single parent and wanted a life where she could tend to her children’s needs and enjoy motherhood. Her journey from one job to another was a huge success and she did it in little time. She knows more about creating a successful transition from one job to another than anyone on the planet. She lived it. If you want to begin to transition out of a job you are tolerating to a job you love, that meets your passion that pays well, or wishes somehow someway you can really make the transition, – Jo is the person to show you how to do it and do it quick.”
Terri Levine, President, The Coaching Institute, Master Coach, PA

For the past year, I worked with Jo as my personal and business coach. Jo’s commitment to my success was evident every time we met and in between sessions as well. Before I began coaching, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go with my business or how I would begin to envision what it could be. With Jo’s gentle, pointed questions and observations, I connected with my true passions and began to make changes in my life that directly resulted in more fulfillment, happiness, and balance with my career change.

With her loving support, Jo helped me realize my untapped potential. I found myself opening to greater possibilities and opportunities with her gifted coaching skills. With Jo’s guidance, I learned how to make choices that would support my values and align with my life’s purpose.

Investing in Jo’s coaching was one of the best decisions I made for my business and myself.
Marianne Mullen, Creative Coach and small business development coach, www.awakencreativity.com

You will never know how much your coaching me has helped me discover my true self. Thanks to our time together I am on a path that will lead me to the accomplishment of my life dream. I knew in my heart of heart for years that coaching and inspiring others to meet their dreams was what I was all about; now you are helping me get there! I just can’t wait to participate in the upcoming coaching “inner circle”. You are truly an amazing woman as well as an internationally recognized Top Coach. Love, appreciation and respect.
Lindel James, www.centerforleadershipskills.com

I thought I was open minded but one little talk we had, and I found out about myself that I am not as open as I think I am. To be close minded to other people’s way of being is something that I would never have realized about myself, but I was able to observe my train of thoughts and realize where I get “stuck” sometimes…and that could have taken years of therapy for me to have found out… I was under the impression that to do work that helps others and that had any meaning would mean to be underpaid .You showed to me that I offer great value and I am finally learning to stop “selling myself” so cheap.
Denise Beasley, Family

You are committed to love no matter what. You model life-giving enthusiasm. When I know you live with physical pain and limited energy a great deal, it is inspiring to me that you still exude love, warmth, enthusiasm. You are generous. It’s as if your life announces, “Life is abundant! There’s more where that came from! Let’s go! You commit and go for it. Learn. Adjust. Keep going. You are fun and sometimes silly.
Glenda Otto, Career and Transitions Coach

I was hanging out with my friend Natalie today, talking about what we want our lives to be like and I had a moment of realizing that both of us are really doing it…that our lives are taking the shape we want them to…that we are actually living the way we want to live, pursuing the work we want to be doing.

I also ran into another girlfriend I hadn’t seen in awhile the other day and she was talking about how she’s facing some big life decisions and is struggling with the fact that she doesn’t feel like she has really made an effort or is actively pursuing her dreams and that is a big factor in the choices she has to make right now. We were talking about the importance of feeling like you’ve really given it your all…like you haven’t sold yourself short or let your fear (or whatever) stop you from trying to manifest your dreams.

We agreed that as hard as it can be, it is much more satisfying to be in the process of striving to attain your goals than to just keep them in your head or your heart without giving them a chance.

So I want to thank you for supporting me in my process…for being a strong, intelligent, compassionate woman in my life who gives me such unconditional, non-judgmental support and guidance. Thank you for being my coach!
Tiana Markova, journal photographer – Brooklyn, NY

I have been asked to complete many things in my life, but this is the first time I have ever been asked to write a testimonial for someone. I am honored and thrilled to do so. As I sat down to accomplish the task before me, I did not know where to start. Most people give all these wonderful, glowing reports, but I tend not to follow the beaten path. So, I decided just to write my story of how Jo has helped me get to where I am and where I want to go.

I first became aware of Jo Romano at an awards ceremony a few years ago where she received an award from the Governor for her community service. When I saw her walking around the Barre Opera House, I knew there was something very special about this lady. I then heard all her accomplishments that won her an award. I was very impressed with her presence and dedication to helping others.

Some time later, I started working for the Vermont Department of Health in Barre. As fate would have it, my office was right across the hall from Jo Romano. It took me a few days to recognize where I knew her. We started talking, as co-workers do, but I immediately knew there was more to this person then meets the eye. One day, she came into my space and saw a picture of my son. She asked about him. As I shared my story, we both shed a tear and bonded in a way that is unusual for me. She very openly and willingly shared some of her own personal story with me.

Eventually, my office was moved to another hall. By then I was at a point in my life of trying to figure out where I would go next, what I would do with my life and basically rebuilding my life since I found myself in a position I never expected to be in at this stage of my life. One day, I walked around the corner of the hall and literally bumped into Jo. We shared a good laugh, a hug and some conversation. During that conversation, Jo told me about her Life Coaching. It was at that moment I knew she had come into my life for a reason and the reason was to help me get my life together and continue forward with whatever lies ahead.

Jo and I set up a schedule to meet and start working on Life Coaching. Jo models what she teaches by just being? She gives 100% of her attention and knowledge with compassion and an openness that encourages one to be honest and open. She listens without judgment and then asks just the right questions to probe further into what truly lies beneath the words that have just been spoken. It does not matter the focus of the session, Jo always gives you something to walk away with that you can immediately put into action with your daily life. Life Coaching has a format to follow, yet if that format does not work for you; Jo is flexible and understanding and will adjust the format to make it personally fit your needs.

Jo’s personal presence is welcoming, comfortable and safe. I have talked to her about matters that I have never spoken to others about, both personal and professional. I trust her implicitly and know she will always give me a new perspective and tools to help guide me through my dilemmas. During our sessions, as well as work done on my own time, Jo gave me tasks that helped me to find clarity and answer my own questions. She helped me to bring vision to my life with total understanding that once I could see my vision, it is possible to achieve. I was floundering for answers and direction. Jo gave me the tools and confidence to find those answers that allowed me to find a direction to follow. She gave me tools that I have incorporated into my daily life. She gave me questions to ask when I need to find answers. She assisted and allowed me to go within myself and discover the wisdom I possessed. Once discovered, I learned how to trust this inner wisdom without letting external forces affect my true being and vision.

I could go on and on about how wonderful Jo Romano truly is, but the best compliment I can give her is to simply say Thank You and tell anyone who is interested that the time, energy, effort and money you spend with Jo will be returned to you ways you can never imagine. The work you do with her will allow you to move forward in this world with confidence and a vision of the many possibilities that are available to you if you only listen and trust yourself.
Ann Lindner, Higher Education Teacher and Business Owner