Are You Ready to Develop Excellence in Your People, Systems & Strategy?

Working with GMLC will stimulate creativity, collaboration, innovation and growth amongst your team. We help develop your people so that they communicate more effectively, are happy on the job, and working at their fullest potential. GMLC will help your business or organization maneuver through change, finding solutions to your challenges through thoughtful and meaningful dialogue.

We achieve this by implementing comprehensive systems aimed to reach your goals and get sustainable results, and are guided by an organizational framework that results in clear, practical, and actionable goals, complete with implementation plans.

Successful and sustainable organizations are led by their leaders and driven by its people, systems and strategy, promoting a highly positive and productive culture that is focused on results.

Working with GMLC you can expect to experience positive outcomes.

Some of these include:

  1. A performance based and highly positive, collaborative culture
  2. A systems approach to business and organizational development
  3. Clear, confident and creative leaders
  4. High performing teams and units across your organization
  5. Creative individuals that model excellence
  6. High accountability and productivity
  7. Effective communication

Below is an example of the reflective work your organization or business can expect to participate in while working with GMLC.

Guide executives, managers, supervisors and employees to coach themselves and each other to promote immediate, relevant and meaningful change for the organization

  • Determine and sustain the direction of the organization
  • Coach leaders to be organized, strategic and have a clear, well understood plan of action with measurable results
  • Plan new products and initiatives

Develop leaders to communicate, engage and motivate the individuals they direct

  • Develop open and cross dialogue so all understand what is expected of them
  • Address problems when they are small so they stay small
  • Build teams that adapt to diverse work styles and work collaboratively

Stand by non-negotiables aligned with organizational values to enjoy a safe, dynamic learning environment where trust, honesty and caring are the hallmarks of how people treat each other and work together

  • Practice clear boundaries and standards of performance
  • Solve challenges and innovate together
  • Reduce friction so focus can be on getting the work done

Find solutions to problems based on today’s best practices in communication and conflict resolution

  • Use Dale Carnegie human relationship principles, coaching, appreciative Inquiry, non-violent communication and motivational Interviewing to communicate well
  • Turn conflict into opportunities for negotiated growth and resolutions
  • Put accountability practices into play to where they become the norm

Evaluate and get feedback to help leaders and their teams influence and guide organization-wide engagement, behavior and creativity

  • See the evidence of what is working well, what is not, and determine how to make it more right
  • Assess and measure results to improve productivity and desired outcomes

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