My mission is to improve the lives of parents, children

and all touched by domestic and international adoption.

I coach single and coupled

men and women wannabe parents

Here are areas where adoptive parents seek my services and want to learn more.

Before, During and After the adoption process

Look at the ins and outs, pros and cons, of domestic and international adoption including the paper chase, healthy infant, child vs. special needs and older child adoptions, travel, post adoption issues and resources.

Medical and Developmental Issues of Internationally adopted Children

Be informed about specialized healthcare issues and development impact of institutionalization for internally adopted children from orphanages.
(See Handbook for international Adoption Medicine: A guide for Physicians, Parents and providers, by Laurie, miller, MD Director of int. adoption Clinic a the NE Medical

Adoption and the Single Parent

Single parents by choice have a special road to travel with all of the joys of family life.

Gay Parents and Parenting Children
of Color

Exploring the stigma of adoption and being parents of children of color.

Birth family and cultural Connections

Explore other adoptive parents experiences and choices to connect or not to connect with biological parents and how to honor the child’s native culture.

The Power of Rituals and Stories

Adoptive parents find that use of rituals and stories has a positive impact on feelings of family connectedness.

Explore ways these can be incorporated into family life from infancy through adolescence. (Vt Adoption Consortium Lending library)

Adoption and school years

Improve understanding on how adoption and related issues impacts a child’s school success and ability to learn and grow socially.

Coaching promotes awareness,
self-reflection, goal planning and
taking action.

It helps to identify and dispel myths about adoption and parenting.

My clients explore their values, attitudes, celebrate in their strengths and desires and build upon their understanding and skills to create personal attributes within themselves and conditions within their family that promote the well being of their child, family and support circle.

There is more to the adoption process than having to think and make decisions about finances, paperwork, legalities, and the social work process of getting a home study. Many do not stop to consider the emotional side of adoption preparation before, during and after your child arrives home. Being emotionally ready is essential to your future relationship with your child and ultimately how your child will feel about her/himself.

Coaching helps you learn more about you, your emotional readiness and the strategies to get there.

Adoption is different than parenting a biological child. It involves an additional layer of self-awareness and skills. It may call you to embrace new ideas and let go of some assumptions, patterns, habits and beliefs about what you thought having a child and parenting would be like.

During the adoption process you may experience feelings of frustration, sorrow, confusion, elation, sadness, fear, anxiety, hope and uncertainty about what steps to take. No matter where you are in the thinking and doing of bringing a child into your family, you can make progress towards being emotionally ready and embrace the wonderful, “Triumph of the Heart” world of adoption.

Read Jo’s adoption story and contribution in the Book:
Triumph of the Heart: Adoption Means Love by Michele Madrid-Branch