GMLC Business and management Coaching

Strengthen Your Organization by Building on Untapped Potential

When you add a coaching component to your company it gives it new power and transforms mindsets and perspectives throughout all departments, creating a new team dynamic and a fresh, forward-thinking outlook.

Too often in the workplace productivity experiences setbacks due to poor communication, low morale and lack of vision among employees who are struggling to recognize the mission, the company’s critical “why are we doing this”, on a daily basis.

Evidence shows that when you introduce coaching into the mix, it boosts curiosity and focus, sparking the talents, strengths and passions of your employees, and charting a clearer course for team members—including executives! Add the critical accountability factor that coaching provides and you’ve just created the “lightning in a bottle” that your organization has been looking for.

Companies with dedicated, engaged employees outperform the competition by 40%-200%

At GMLC we provide coaching principles and practices—the same ones that master coaches in organizations around the world use as their #1 management tool. I help managers find, harness and celebrate their unique leadership voice to connect with their hope and vision for themselves, their employees and the organization. We accomplish this by implementing a proven framework, while rolling out transformational systems that build the critical competency in both employees and managers.

In addition, Here’s how management and employees and leadership teams benefit within your organization to:

  • Have more alignment with the company values and mission
  • Be consistently self motivated and focused
  • Be respectful of one another at all times
  • Have the professional expertise necessary to get the job done
  • Have the skills to resolve internal conflicts effectively

GMLC promotes best practice in human development, organizational development and change management, drawing on data driven evidence based assessments and research.

Our Coaching Philosophy

We deliver a strength based, data driven, best practice approach to leadership and management. We work with businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations to find efficient, practical, and cost effective ways to ensure excellence in the workplace.

Our Objectives:

Develop system wide approaches to what works in your organization
Preserve the dignity and integrity of each individual and the organization as a whole Find solutions to your challenges


Then GMLC Business and Corporate Coaching is your answer

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If your company is looking for marked increases in:

  • Productivity
  • Morale
  • Communication
  • Employee Motivation
  • Better Conflict Resolution
  • Improved team dynamic
  • Workplace energy and enthusiasm
  • Personal accountability
  • Employee buy-in on company goals and vision