Jo Romano

Jo Romano, founder of Green Mountain Life Coach, is a Dale Carnegie Associate, a Certified Professional Coach from The Coaching Institute, a nationally Certified Substance Abuse Prevention and Recovery Specialist, and a Certified Teacher in Adult Dialogue Education with Global Learning Partners. With over 35 years of experience, Jo has a deep passion and knack for motivating entrepreneurs, executives, managers, supervisors and their teams, lawyers, parents, and fellow coaches.

She is known for inspiring people to us their strengths, resiliency and innate wisdom, and to lead with integrity and excellence. She has a consistent record of achieving top performance through her innovative and collaborative strategic planning, and a systems-based approach for managing an organization.

A Coach with Experience and Insight

Jo is a results-driven professional with a reputation as a visionary, innovator, and consensus builder. She partners with leaders to use their personal presence, powerful methods, and a comprehensive approach to work through their dilemmas, so they can enjoy optimal results personally and for the organization. She has a passion for responding to operational and human resource challenges with clarity, confidence, and creativity. She has excellent negotiation, leadership, management and human relations skills, while serving as a flexible and inclusive team leader. She loves people and empowering them to succeed. Jo is acclaimed for generating highly successful pilot projects, innovative program development, and employee satisfaction.

Because of her 20 years practicing as a Superior Court Administrator and County Clerk, along with her 17 years as a Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist, Jo has direct experience working with people and systems in transition and crises. Jo has coached and consulted a wide range of leaders to include entrepreneurs, judges, lawyers, executives, directors, managers, supervisors, and leadership teams, to achieve maximize performance, profitability, and sustainability. She celebrates what works and promotes collaborative solution finding. She uses coaching as a leading management tool to foster excellence within individuals and teams, with the goal of creating a highly positive and productive organization and culture.

Working With Jo

Working with a Coach like Jo, will help you recognize and reach your fullest potential. Jo provides individual, team and community coaching as well as assessments, organizational planning, facilitation, and training design and delivery. With advanced professional tools, her specialty lies in coaching leaders to serve and provide meaningful, relevant and useful ways to raise morale with staff, clients, and consumers. She believes that with clear intention, courage, and a willingness to evolve and grow, we can live and work extraordinarily fulfilling and meaningful lives. Contact Jo Today!

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