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Management and Team Coaching
Organizational Systems Consulting
Professional Development & Training

Guaranteeing research-based proven practices in the art and science of serving

Executive Boards
Aspiring, New and Seasoned Managers
Direct Reports, Teams

…and delivering a systems approach to

Organizational Change and Development

Resulting in a
Collaborative Culture of Trust, Authenticity and High Performance

What you can expect

  • Professionalism and the guidance you choose to create a clear intention for your life and career
  • Knowledge and skills to strengthen your systems while energizing your workplace and teams
  • Application of strength-based, cutting edge, practical, and cost effective ways to ensure excellence in the workplace and to create a highly positive, highly productive environment


  • Executives collaborate as a team and lend a positive mindset to the collective, reaching the mission and objectives more quickly
  • Develop systems that align with company values and growth patterns
  • Discover the 7 Step Strategic Management Framework. Assess, Build capacity, Plan, Implement, Evaluate, Sustain and Cultural Competency
    Assess Organizational Effectiveness and Gaps
  • Create a learning organization with critical dialogue to celebrate what is working well, innovate, and find solutions to all challenges


  • Achieve greater personal clarity, focus and balance
  • Develop a leader-server mindset
  • Ensure employee engagement and high performance
  • Lead highly positive, highly productive team function
  • Assess Individual and Team Effectiveness and Gaps
  • Design and facilitate Short meetings that are meaningful, relevant and useful to those that attend

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